Tiannjin International Airport


Centre of Urban Modernisation and Internationalism

Rising from the concept of the three harmonies is the need for a design that addresses both the controversial culture of Tianjin, and the need to unite people under one roof. We understand that Architecture is branched into several theories and concepts, however architecture is ultimately People.

The design is made to mark the city of Tianjin, and give it a new identity; the identity of unity. Our main vision was to seek a design that is memorable. a scene that holds still in our memories and in the memories of the users. We decided to use the wide area provided not to narrow the projects limits but make it continuously extendable.

The large green roof was a basic idea to present the usual airport structures in a new mould of sustainability whilst ensuring its also environmentally friendly. Being fully aware of the airports need to be isolated, we decided to contradict this principle and make a design that forms a social hub for the people of Tianjin and the traveler's as well. making it both a transportation functioning building and a cultural centre as well.


Architecture + Interior + Landscape + Master Planning


120,000 m2