Helwan School and Centre of Fine Arts


A Paradigm Shift.

The new Fine Arts Center in Egypt -Helwan- represents a mix of architectural principles that stand for a new age of architectural design and sustainability. The project is designed as a series of surfaces that emerge from the ground to create a natural habitat. The geometry has
been carefully designed according to solar exposure, wind currents, and maximum rainwater collection. The roof is a continuous green park perforated at different areas to create courtyards that provide natural light and ventilation to all interior spaces.

The project was formed by studying the current architectural movements, for the purpose of producing a balanced structure that serves its own purpose whilst presenting a new attractive way of producing a sustainable project.

The skin has massive amounts of native greenery that will endure the hot-humid climate. A rain water recycling system was also installed for the sake of preserving every drop of rain water in the rain season.

The project is mainly designed as a college and a center for Fine arts. among the different educational facilities there is an exhibition hall, convention center, and an internal plaza .


Architecture + Landscape + Master Planning


52,531 m2




Helwan University